Andrew Browning as George Michael

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Andrew Browning as George Michael
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Andrew is recognised in the industry as Europe’s leading and most accurate sound and look alike to the star that is George Michael. He has performed all over the world and was regularly seen in nightclubs and cabaret venues up and down the country until he received a call from an American production company. They requested Andrew should take part in George Michael’s latest video, featuring as his double, due to his uncanny likeness to the star. 

Andrew jumped at the opportunity and went to America to record with the Grammy Award winning soul singer, Mary J Blige and George Michael on his video, As. This commission opened many other doors into TV and Radio worldwide. 

Over the years, many opportunities have presented themselves to Andrew, including corporate product launches, prestigious cabaret engagements and personal appearances. He regularly performs at 80s festivals, both home and abroad, with concert promoters and the likes of Butlins, where he has been seen by thousands of like-minded fans. 

More recently, he has become a regular attraction on the Cruise ship circuit. He has worked on the Iona, The Azura, Iona, Britannia, Marella Discovery, Marella Explorer, Marella Voyager, MSC Virtuosa, MSC World Europa and Ventura, to name but a few. 

In 2017, Andrew was approached by a television producer from ITV to portray George Michael in a programme documenting the latter stages of his life, including his sudden death on 25 December 2016. The docudrama was entitled, The Double Life of George Michael, and was broadcast on Thursday 21 June 2018, on Channel 5. 

On a final and more cheerful note, over the past four years, Andrew has been performing in the Fastlove International Tour which has been seen by audiences from Dublin, Poland, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, and across Europe, and all points in between.