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‘For us, 1980’s was probably the greatest era of music of all time, and we want to keep it alive’

Back To The 80s was formed nearly seven years ago. Our intention was to bring to life to the music we had grown up with. The songs are for every 80s fan, re-created in a way that was faithful to the original. We also knew that we didn’t want to concentrate on one particular genre like many 80s bands at the time were doing. What we loved about the 80s was the variety of music. It was a chance to play Rock, Pop, New Wave, Ska, Reggae, Disco and Electronic music in one show. 

The is a one-of-a-kind, ever-evolving and interactive show. Live instrumentation plus superb vocals bring the 80s classics to life in a slick, colourful and entertaining way. The show is highly choreographed, plus you can also expect a lot of audience participation. Celebrating the artistes and their songs, its a huge party.

It's not just another 80s show. We wanted the show to look like we had just stepped out of the Top Of The Pops studio. So stadium grade lighting, lasers and effects have become a huge part of the experience. We also like to use video effects that we project onto walls and screens which are carefully synced to the music. The costumes are also just as important. Most of our costumes have been hand-made and are almost identical to what you would have seen in the 80s.