Beyond Faith - a tribute to George Michael

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Beyond Faith –The George Michael Tribute Concert is a celebration of 30 years of Faith, the landmark Album. Hear this in its entirety in the first half of this incredible show and afer the interval, hear the rest of the hits, including Wham. George Michael is portrayed by twice National Tribute Award Winner and runner up of Best British Male, Paul Grant-Reason. With respect and dedication to honour the musical legend, Paul is supported by his incredible live band and singers who capture the sounds and look of George superbly. Join us to celebrate the life of the incredible musical genius, George Michael, in a spell-binding spectacle of his songs.

A true legend, an icon of Pop, and quite possibly the finest solo star Britain has ever produced.  From his early days with Wham, through his globe conquering album, FAITH, his mega hits of the 90s and beyond, George’s records reached over a whopping 200 million sales! Stunned, shocked and deeply saddened by his early passing, we have lovingly crafted a show to take you on a journey through George's solo and Wham career.  We bring to the stage a spell-binding spectacle of pure joy in the songs we all know and love. To produce a show that pays tribute to such a monumental pop figure takes huge dedication, a true love for the artist’s music and, above all, supreme talent. The brain child and labour of love for Paul Grant-Reason, a two times national tribute award winner, runner-up as best British male and long time George fan. He is a singer, frontman, producer and multi-instrumentalist, with Paul capturing the sound and look of George perfectly. He and long-time musical partner, Darren Hill, a number one producer in Canada, have produced a sound that is a totally accurate to the original, and is a stage show that perfectly captures George's stunning live shows.

Paul's talent and love for George has spawned this respectful and vibrant look at the musical legacy's career, featuring his career defining album, FAITH, played from start to finish - exactly as you know and love.  An album that spawned six top five singles, dominated the charts for two years and winning several Grammy awards. Such an authentic experience is enhanced by an incredible set of musicians and backing vocalists. All top touring, hand-picked professionals with the energy and passion to bring this amazing music to life. Paul is the consummate front man with a voice that carries these songs perfectly. He will take you back to the Wham days and beyond FAITH, to some incredible number one’s from George's later career. If you are a fan and you know every word of these songs, join us on a journey and celebrate the incredible legacy George left us all.