Breathless - A Tribute to The Corrs

Breathless - A Tribute to The Corrs
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The Berry family has dedicated themselves to capturing the essence of The Corrs' music, bringing their unique blend of Pop Rock and traditional Irish sounds to life. 
Natalie, Livy, and Beth's harmonious vocals perfectly emulate the angelic tones of The Corrs, transporting audiences back to the 90s when hits like Breathless, Runaway, and So Young dominated the charts. Their voices blend seamlessly, creating a mesmerising and authentic experience for fans of The Corrs. 
But it doesn't stop there. The Berry family's musical talent extends beyond their vocals. Lewis, the patriarch of the family, showcases his exceptional skills on the guitar, effortlessly recreating the intricate melodies and riffs that made The Corrs' music so memorable. The violin adds an extra layer of emotion and beauty to their performances, while the drums provide a solid foundation, driving the rhythm and energy of the songs. 
With their attention to detail and passion for The Corrs' music, the Berry family takes audiences on a captivating journey through Irish music. From the lively and infectious tunes that will have you dancing in your seat, to the heartfelt ballads that tug at your heartstrings, their performances are a true celebration of The Corrs' legacy.