Diana Ross by Stephanie Benson

Diana Ross by Stephanie Benson
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Introducing Stephanie Benson as Diana Ross: A sensational, world class tribute to Diana Ross! Get ready for a mesmerising tribute to the music, glamour, and spirit of Diana Ross.

From the moment she walks on to the stage, Stephanie embodies the timeless glamour that defines Diana Ross. Dressed in meticulously recreated costumes, she effortlessly captures the very essence of Motown, exuding elegance and style in every step. With a voice that mirrors the rich, velvety tones of Diana Ross, Stephanie flawlessly delivers hit after hit.

Stephanie Benson has captivated the hearts of audiences worldwide, not only as a tribute to Diana Ross but also an international singer-songwriter, musician, actress and award-winning artist who has performed for the Royal Family.

Stephanie was signed to PWL UK Records at a very young age and rose to fame after her debut performance as the first artist on the London Fashion Week stage, performing to 250,000 people in one day. This was closely followed by an amazing series of performances for King Charles and Princes William and Harry, with Stephanie becoming a favourite of Royal families worldwide.

Upon hearing her sing the first time, King Charles said, ‘You are one of the most amazing performers I’ve ever seen’.

Stephanie has performed at events hosted by the British Royals including Princess Anne, where she exceeded her 15-minute allotted performance time for King Charles to approximately an hour because he enjoyed her act so much! In 2011, she received another invitation to sing for Prince William before his wedding to Kate Middleton.

Stephanie has produced and directed many theatre shows including Reflections: The Magic of Motown. In 2011, her best-selling dance hit single Hanging On was number five in the world charts and she joined Stevie Wonder on his UK tour.

Stephanie’s magnetic stage presence and vocal prowess will transport you to the golden era of Motown and beyond as she plays homage to the iconic Diana Ross. She is the embodiment of glamour and grace and has the unmistakable charisma of the legendary diva herself. With a career spanning through decades, this exceptional artist has dedicated herself to channelling the very essence of Diana Ross in this incredible tribute show that transcends imitation and transforms into a genuine celebration of Diana Ross’ hits.