dS:uK in tribute to Dire Straits

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Launched in 1977, Dire Straits produced some of the greatest loved songs of all time including Sultans of Swing, Walk of Life, the iconic Money for Nothing and the spine tingling Romeo and Juliet. At the height of their career, Dire Straits were the biggest stadium live band in the world.  Filling the role of Mark Knopfler is David Knight, a life-long Dire Straits fan who started playing guitar almost immediately after hearing Sultans of Swing for the first time. David’s guitar style was heavily influenced by Knopfler and he has worked incredibly hard to faithfully re-create the guitar parts and sounds synonymous with Dire Straits’ songs.  Providing Chris White’s wonderful saxophone lines, on loan from chart topping band Madness, is Steve Turner. Steve has played with the real Madness for over nine years and with his own Madness tribute band for 13. 
Next in the line up is Rick Benbow, who’s professional credits include touring with Jewel and arranging for Status Quo. He’s also played with nearly every major Pink Floyd tribute band in the UK! His attention to musical and sonic detail is second to none and his ability to re-create the keys and piano arrangements of these iconic songs is nothing short of stunning.  Bass guitar is provided by Alistair Begg full time professional bassist. Al works with a number of bands including the critically acclaimed Lee Abraham Band and The Lachlan Horne band, as well as being one of the few professional Chapman Stick players in the world.  Alec Heald plays drum, who’s attention to detail brings Chris Whitten, Terry Williams and Pick Withers’ parts back to life! Alec spends his time drumming with his band the Rockhoppers and working across the South as a successful session musician. Finally, Blues / Rock artist Lachlan Horne provides the rhythm guitar parts for the band as original performed by David Knopfler, Jack Sonni and Phil Palmer.
Dire Straits Tribute Band is a band of outstanding professional and dedicated musicians with the experience and talent to bring Dire Straits back to life with an unparalleled accuracy that will have you believing that you’re listening to the original Dire Straits.