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Explosive Light Orchestra on stage
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Explosive Light Orchestra bring you a tribute to ELO, and a celebration of the music of Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra! Performing all the classic hits such as Mr Blue Sky, Livin’ Thing, Telephone Line, Don’t Bring Me Down, Evil Woman, Last Train to London, Turn to Stone and many more.

Explosive Light Orchestra are a must-see tribute to the incredible Jeff Lynne and ELO performed by passionate ELO fans. ELO fans love ExpLO and audiences are always left wanting more. They are ELO played with a powerful rocky edge.

Join the celebration of the genius of one of the UK’s best songwriters! This tribute is performed by musicians who have worked with the legendary rock producer Reinhold Mack, such as ELO, Queen, Rory Gallagher and more. The band consists of professional and multi-talented musicians who have played thousands of dates all over the world.

The Explosive Light Orchestra are the best you can get. Hear them, see them perform, and judge for yourself.