Marc Robinson as Buddy Holly

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Marc Robinson
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Marc's show business career has seen him appearing in various TV and feature film productions.

However, it’s his association with the music of Buddy Holly and the Crickets that Marc is best known for.

Having been a long-time fan of Buddy, it was inevitable that when Marc began singing that various Buddy Holly tracks would find their way into his repertoire. It wasn’t long before people began remarking on the similarities between Marc’s vocal style and that of Buddy’s. A pair of horned rimmed specs completed the illusion and one of the first tribute shows on the circuit was born.  An appearance on Stars in Their Eyes reinforced Marc's position as the leading exponent of Buddy Holly’s music, and when he took on the lead role in Buddy The Musical, he showed that he could portray the character just as easily.

Sir Cliff Richard was entertained by Marc at one of his birthday party’s where Marc found himself singing Living Doll and Move It, right in front of the man himself!

Marc parted company with the original band and went on to form the Counterfeit Crickets.  Together, they play consistently between 100 and 150 times per year throughout the UK and Europe, gaining fans and admirers wherever they go.

Marc became a founding member and co-producer of the hit touring show, Rockin on Heavens door and went on to help form and perform in the Roy Orbison show, In Dreams.

Marc also produces theatre shows Rave On and Buddy Holly's Winter Dance Party, We Three Kings, Through the Decades with Roy & Buddy, and Hank, Cash & Cline, in which Marc portrays the legendary Hank Williams.

Marc and the Counterfeit Crickets also perform in the show A Legend Reborn which recently sold out at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.