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My first job was as a foot messenger for an optical house in Soho called Geoff Axtellls, at the age of 16 I would find myself in the company of top directors as well as cool music industry types, but after a short time I was asked to join a local regae band with my sister Teeda, as well as shooting the front titles for the movies ‘ Sid & Nancy, A Letter To Brezhnev, and Michael Mann’s ‘ The Keep. But the lure of the record industry was too strong and soon I was to front a band with a major record label deal.

Brother Beyond was signed to EMI records in 1986, but it would take 2 years and four singles for the band to achieve their first hit!, in 1988 whilst working at the studios of PWL ( The home of Kyle, Rick Astley and Jason Donovan ) A chat over a pint with Pete Waterman and along with a bizarre auction where EMI would bid £25k for their production services resulted in the band working on two  songs with Pete, Mike and Matt. The first song crafted was the Motown influenced ' The Harder I Try '.

The song became a huge hit for BB peaking at number 2 spot in the UK and narrowly missing the # 1 spot but for Phil Collins and ' A Groovy Kind of Love '. Just before the song was released Egg White left the band and was replaced by the bands regular drummer Steve Alexander, Egg went on to become a top songwriter and producer, penning 'Leave Right Now ' for Will Young and producing tracks for Adelle, Duffy and James Morrison to name but a few.

The Second single from SAW was ' He Ain't No Competition ' which charted at #6, this was followed by two singles that were written by the band ' Be My Twin ' #14 and ' can You Keep A Secret ' #21, the album ' Get Even ' was a top ten hit selling over 400'000 copies in December 88 in the UK.

In 1990 after the release of the bands second album ' Trust ' the group split, Carl Fysh went into media and pr with Sony records and now represents acts such as Cold Play, Goldfrap, Sam Smith & Adelle with his company Purple PR, Steve Alexander went on to be the semi permanent drummer for Duran Duran until they reformed and also played for Jeff Beck. David White is now a painter and has many exhibitions in London and Europe.

After some tv presenting for Mike Mansfield television Nathan also took the lead on stage alongside Daniella Westbrook in ‘ A Slice Of Saturday Night.

Nathan Moore then went on to front the Simon Cowell assembled boy band Worlds Apart, after initially joining in 1994 the band went on to achieve huge success in Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Belgium and also France  where in 1997 the band sold 1 million copies of their album Everybody, with songs such as ' Everlasting Love, Je Te Donne, Quand Je Reve De Toi ' after 2 #1 albums and six top 5 singles the band split.

Nathan went on to co- manage acts such as Lisa Scott-Lee, Natasha Bedingfield, James Fox, Haydon Eshun, Phixx and the Opera singer Keedie, and during this period appeared in TV shows in the UK such as Totally Scott-Lee for MTV and Boys Will Be Girls for channel 4.

2006 saw Nathan return to performing live after appearing on the ITV1 show ' Hit Me Baby One More Time, Tours with Rick Astley & Kim Wilde would follow as well as regular appearances at the hugely popular festival circuit , 2010 would see baby boy Nico Marcellus Moore born to Nathan and his wife Donna and in 2011 Worlds Apart would reform for a nationwide Arena tour in France as well as new album for 2012!.

Nathan now tours extensively and all his dates for 2023/24 can be found on