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Nicky Bennett
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Join Nicky as she celebrates and pays homage to songs that have graced our movie theatres, featuring songs from A Star is Born, the Bodyguard, James Bond and many more. 

Nicky Bennett was born and raised in the northeast of England and is the true modern-day diva.  

After winning a scholarship to the prestigious Italia Conti, her career has taken her around the world performing in theatres, corporate events and an array of cruise liners.  

A particular highlight was performing alongside Kylie Minogue, Sir Paul McCartney and the late Amy Winehouse at the Brit Awards. 

Her inspiration and musical influences make up her spectacular show which takes audiences on a heartfelt journey celebrating music, song and some of the most iconic divas of Pop and Soul with a modern-day twist.  

Nicky has honed a reputation of a true Queen of the Sea and is renowned for her powerful voice and ability to captivate and grip audiences from the moment she steps onto the stage.