Pauline Daniels

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She is the only woman to appear on Johnny Hamps The Comedians for Granada TV and has many other television appearances as a stand up under her belt. Her TV credits as an actress include, Brookside, Bread, two series of the BAFTA award winning series The Street by Jimmy Mc.Govern and two episodes of “Blue Murder”.

The rest, they say, is history.

She has played musical comedy, high drama, full on comedy and her roles have been as varied as Annie Wilkes in Misery, to the iconic Faye Boglein the West End musical, A Saint She Aint at the Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. In 1986 Pauline started her “legitimate” career playing Mama Morton in Chicago at the Liverpool Playhouse swiftly followed because of her rave reviews in Gypsy playing the wonderful Mama Rose. In 1991 her dream role arrived. She toured for Kenwright Productions as the one and only Shirley Valentine and has been very fortunate to play Shirley nearly every year since.