Sammy Lomax

Sammy Lomax
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Join Sammy on a musical journey filled with positivity, as she shares her favourite songs to uplift your spirits and keep you smiling. With sunny pop hits to soulful classics, Sammy’s vocals and personality is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

Sammy is a sensational vocalist with an infectious personality. She has wowed international audiences for over a decade, spending years crafting together her very own style and showing audiences her true love for music.

She’s the girl next door with a big voice and a love for crochet. Her love for all of things crafty blossomed in the recent years of lockdowns and she is now the proud owner of the successful brand, The Crafty Songbird, which creates bespoke designs from scratch.

No doubt she will punctuate her stellar performances with witty anecdotes about her crochet and real-life experiences, making her a very relatable and down to earth performer who is also a true master of all things crafty.