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One of the UK’s most exciting tributes to Alt Rock giants Muse, performing their biggest hits such as Hysteria, Supermassive Black Hole, Time Is Running Out, Starlight, Knights Of Cydonia and more.

Simulation Muse began life as ProtoStereo in 2014. Regarded amongst many venues as one of the highest quality cover bands on the live entertainment circuit, they held their audiences with their renditions of some of the biggest modern rock hits of the last 20 years. An uncanny likeness to a certain two bands was soon apparent, and in 2016 they began a double tribute to Muse and The Killers, playing festivals, theatres, and venues all over the country. After a few years, in 2019, they separated the tributes, giving birth to The Runaway Killers and Simulation Muse.

This enigmatic band formed with a group of passionate musicians in the South East of the UK deliver modern rock to venues across the country. This four-piece tribute takes pride in creating an authentic and exhilarating live experience, bringing you the heart of Muse. From the ethereal melodies of Starlight to the progressive rock masterpieces like Hysteria, the band takes audiences on a journey through the eclectic catalogue of this iconic band and their unique musical identity.