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Blasting through classics like Beat It, Take on Me, and Tubthumping, Ska Struck masterfully blends timeless Ska with contemporary hits for a dynamic and high-energy Ska celebration – get ready for a night of unstoppable rhythm and fun!

Ska Struck is a five-piece band dedicated to bringing the energy and excitement of Ska music to any event. Their unique blend of classic and modern Ska, infused with horns, infectious rhythms, and a lively stage presence, creates an unforgettable atmosphere that gets you up and dancing. With roots in classic Ska artists like Madness and The Specials, Ska Struck also puts their own spin on popular songs such as Beat It, Take on Me, and Tubthumping to create a dynamic and engaging setlist perfect for any occasion. Their passion for Ska music extends beyond the stage, as they strive to introduce the genre to new audiences and leave everyone feeling Ska-struck.