Soul In Motion

Soul In Motion are a five-piece vocal harmony group with a fantastic light show, engineered by Susie Heart that takes you on a musical journey back in time with magical songs from the 50s and 60s Motown, Soul and 70s Disco era.

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This dynamic, slick and highly polished show brings in a wealth of experienced vocalists. Together, gleaned from a wide range of songs, creating a collective synergy which all ages will enjoy with ceaseless quest for perfection by taking pride in combining pure talent with songs from a fantastic era to create the perfect party atmosphere for any venue and occasion.  The music centres around classic songs from three  decades, with all the favourites we know and love, bringing memories flooding back from yesteryear, unforgettable songs from The Drifters, Four Tops, Temptations, Martha Reaves and the Vandella’s,  Marvin Gaye, Edwin Starr, Donna Summer and many more.  Soul In Motion's performance is a fantastic, non-stop, high energy, adrenaline pumping show delivered with total professionalism, accompanied with an amazing light show you will undoubtedly see, so be prepared to dance yourself dizzy with the fantastic Soul In Motion