Steve Taylor's Buddy Holly Rock n Roll Party

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Steve Taylor's Buddy Holly Rock 'n' Roll Party
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The legendary Peggy Sue’s favourite singer takes you on a roller coaster ride of classic hits!  You’ll be mesmerised as Steve sings and plays guitar just like Buddy in this vibrant show celebrating the legend from Lubbock. The way he sings and plays guitar just like Buddy, it doesn’t get any better!  All the hits are there: Peggy Sue, That’ll be the Day, True Love Ways, Heartbeat, Bo Diddley, Brown Eyed Handsome Man, Oh Boy! and many more.

About Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor is a singer, songwriter, record producer and theatre performer who has achieved greatness, including an award from Sir Paul McCartney, and 7 UK hit singles.

He has worked with many stars, including 80s chart star and legend, Shakin’ Stevens, who benefited from Steve’s production, writing and performance skills, with the 1989 hits ‘Love Attack’ and ‘Pink Champagne’, plus various album tracks.

Another successful collaboration was with Irish superstar, Daniel O’Donnell. Steve, and his co-writer, Heather Taylor, wrote the song ‘Give a Little Love’ for Daniel O’Donnell, which was released as a single for charity and raised over £2 million. This reached number 7 in 1998 and was Daniel O’Donnell’s biggest hit.

Although the song never quite reached the UK charts, ‘Footsteps’ is probably one of the pair’s best-known songs, which has amassed over a million sales and was in the top 20 world charts in America. The song is still regularly performed by Daniel O’ Donnell at his concerts around the world. So popular is the song in America that it has over 30 cover versions by various US artists, including one by ‘Tell Laura I Love Her’ singer Ricky Valance and another that has amassed nearly seven million views on YouTube.

In the 80s, Steve also released several singles under the pseudonym Elmer Hawke, including ‘Tell Me’. He appeared at this time in many teen magazines, including Patches, on a page with George Michael, Michael Jackson, Kim Wilde and Wham, plus many other magazines and Pop papers. Steve was then signed by UB 40’s label and had a couple of single releases, plus a hit in Ireland under the Elmer Hawke pseudonym.

A song writing award from Sir Paul McCartney was presented to Steve and Heather. Recognising their talent, the McCartney’s suggested they work with their own manager, Alan Crowder, writing and producing songs for Nashville. As Steve says, ‘It was a totally unbelievable time’.

Steve has had tracks under his own name on compilation albums with Glen Campbell, Keith Urban, Dr Hook Crystal Gayle and more in both the UK and America. As well as tours with many theatre shows, making it on the Wall of Fame in Coventry with Heather Taylor, and co-producing Coventry City FC’s FA Cup song ‘Go For It!’ - which became a chart hit.

As for his solo shows, Steve pours emotion into every performance and recording he does, and his audiences really feel it. He is quite unique. His live performances can only be seen currently at Warner Hotels and very special events and shows.