The Black Shakes

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Lord Acton and his band of virtuosos take the popular songs of today, and dresses them up in the snazzy rags of the Jazz era. Mötorhead, Beyoncé, Swift and Sheeran, injected with a hefty dose of Swing and savoir faire. From Glastonbury to the Palace of Westminster, they’ve set the stage on fire with boundless energy and brazen bon humour. From pub gigs to arenas, weddings to wakes, the Sheikhs have done it in style. Some of our previous shows include Manchester Jazz Festival, Marsden Jazz Festival, Retro Festival, Swingamajig Frestival, Matt & Phreds Guildhall, London Wembley Stadium, Ricoh Arena, Glastonbury Festival, Swansea Jazzland, Hilton Hotels, Royal Horticultural Society, Palace of Westminster, RAF, to name a few.