The Bluebirds

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Being part of the Bluebirds has been a great adventure for the girls! Here's a snippet of how they met... Ami and Gina were dancers on a P&O cruise, sailing the seven seas and causing mischief as cabin buddies (like Jane and Marilyn). Back on dry land, Gina auditioned for a UK tour with Sarah who quickly snapped her up as a doppelganger! Ami and Sarah were soon introduced by Gina and before long they were singing, dancing and laughing in sync, the perfect match for a close harmony trio! The Bluebirds formed as a group in 2016 and have performed at various events all over the world such as war weekends, VE day/armed forces celebrations, private parties, weddings, tea dances, Air shows, race courses and have been touring with theatre shows, A Salute to the 1940s, (Groovy Gazza Productions) and We'll Meet Again (Duggie Champman Associates). They also provide backing vocals as a trio for Jane Mcdonald on her nationwide tour and channel 5 programme, Jane and Friends, where they have also sung backing vocals for Tony Hadley, Heather Small, Alexandra Burke, Gareth Gates, Lamahl, Carol Decker and many more. Not forgetting their featured backing vocals on Jane Mcdonald's most recent album, Let The Light In.