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From the fabulous 50s to the swinging 60s - The Cap Guns perform all your favourite Rock ‘n’ Roll hits. Songs include Rock Around The Clock, Mr Sandman, Something Else, Shakin All Over, Twenty Flight Rock, Folsom Prison Blues, Maries The Name (His Latest Flame), Johnny B. Goode, A Teenager In Love, The Night Has A Thousand Eyes, Under The Moon Of Love and many more.


About the band

John Hough - Lead Guitar and Vocals

John has been a session player for many years. He’s played numerous times for Showaddywaddy, Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, and multiple bands - including members of Culture Club, Fun Boy 3, Manic Street Preachers and Toploader. John has toured with The Beautiful South and continues teaching his craft to many in the Leicestershire area.

Dan Clarke - Double Bass

Dan cut his teeth in a Jazz trio at the age of 16 and toured Germany, Belgium and Holland. His craft and style of bass playing is second to none, and he is asked regularly to dep for many bands around the globe. Some of the artists Dan has worked with are Marc Almond (Soft Cell), Bad Manners and Imelda May, and he is the main dep player for Jools Holland. Dans passion is Rock ‘n’ Roll and he lives to play.

Michael Richards – Drums

Michael started his musical career playing for a big band, however his love for Rock ‘n’ Roll took him in a different direction. Since turning professional, Michael has toured the UK and America many times and is the go-to drummer for American bands that come over to the UK to tour. He has had two top ten albums on iTunes and was managed by the legendary E Street Band guitarist, Steven Van Zandt.

Ben Parkinson – Piano*

Ben is a classically trained pianist with over 35 years of experience. He can be seen to work on most of the top tribute acts around the UK. His attention to detail is what makes Ben so popular in the tribute world.

*Ben Parkinson will perform when the band is performing as a four-piece.