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Formerly  ‘Freddie and The Dreamers.’ Changes to personnel over the past 50 years were of course inevitable but two members… Alan Mosca and Bryan Byng remain in the band today, they have been in the band as Freddie and The Dreamers and then The Dreamers for over 37 years. Along with Freddie, Alan and Bryan toured throughout Europe Australia and The Middle East and were along with Freddie part of the British Invasion Tour of America (part 2)  sharing the stage with Gerry and The Pacemakers and The Searchers appearing at Madison Square Gardens, New York and other prestige venues.  Appearances on TV alongside Freddie include Cilla Black’s Surprise Surprise,  The Noel Edmunds House Party, Alan and Bryan are joined by The Temple Brothers, Steve and Colin who in their own right are seasoned professionals having toured extensively with their Everly Brothers show.  They add an extra dimension to the Dreamers, who along with the hits of Freddie and The Dreamers perform the most popular songs of the 50s rock and roll days and the great songs of the 60s.