The Electric 80s

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An electric 80s band show is a high-energy space that reminds people of a time when they came home from school, put a record on, and listened with open ears and an open heart; conjuring first dates, first cars, prom nights, weekend movies, and meeting friends in town, while finding a sense of fashion and an identity all of your own. From the decade of stone-washed jeans, back-combed hair and leg warmers, The Electric 80s Band whisks you back in time to experience the 1980s all over again.  With high-energy moves, powerful vocals, incredible musicianship and a gallon of humour, The Electric 80s Band will have you partying like it's 1985!  Rock, Pop and bop to the best tunes from the greatest decade in the world.....ever!  The Electric 80s Band is more than just a cover band, it’s a super-charged show that guarantees to blow the roof off every time.  With a strong female and male lead vocals singer/synth player, along with three polished musicians decked out in retro 80s attire, The Electric 80s Band is able to crank out Pop and Rock hit songs from the 80s and perform them exactly like the originals, both musically and vocally, with so much charisma and energy (not to mention costume changes!), the crowd will bust more moves than a Saturday morning Tiswas special.