The Roy Orbison Experience - the UK's newest and most authentic tribute to the music of Roy Orbison

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The Roy Orbison Experience
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The Roy Orbison Experience are the UK’s newest and most authentic tribute to the iconic Roy Orbison, one of America’s most famous voices. Fronted by the incredible voice of Oliver Harris, they are dedicated to faithfully replicating the iconic sound of Roy Orbison.

This is no tongue in cheek look-a-like or impersonation, but rather a special unique live performance passionately replicating the unrivalled voice, sound, style and vision of Roy Orbison.

Oliver Harris and his band bring you The Roy Orbison Experience, a musical journey that celebrates the Rock ‘n’ Roll hall of fame and 6-time grammy award winning Big O.

Orbison's music, like the man himself, has been described as timeless, so join us and relive the operatic magic of the man they nicknamed The Caruso of Rock.

Featuring hits such as Pretty Woman, Crying, I Drove All Night, You Got It, Only The Lonely, In Dreams and many more, this is guaranteed to be an experience that fans will not want to miss.