The Wonder of Stevie with live band

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Having won The Stevie Wonder Award in 1989 for Best Male Gospel Choir Soloist there was only one route this performer could follow and it afforded him the privilege to both meet and share the stage with the Maestro himself!

After a swathe of television appearances (including Channel 4's People Get Ready), his rise to consistent touring and performances of Gospel music followed - eventually culminating in one of the UK's most successful Stevie Wonder tributes.

During his singing career he has worked alongside well-known artists such as The Winans, (Father and Uncles of Mario Winans), Commissioned, Billy Gaines, Michael Bolton, Westlife, and Heather Small to name a few.

Now performing throughout the UK and Europe, The Wonder of Stevie takes on the legendary Motown Classics from Mr. Stevie Wonder.

It is incredibly difficult to replicate the work of such a master as Stevie Wonder - but this man does it all!