Health and Safety

Our procedures and what you can do to help.

Group of friends dining together

When visiting our hotels, we still ask all guests to take the following NHS and Government Advice:

Washing hands regularly. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and use an alcohol-based hand sanitiser if soap and water is not available.

Maintain good hygiene practices such as using tissues when coughing or sneezing and disposing of the tissue in a bin.

Guests will see posters and leaflets around our hotels to remind about hand washing and good hygiene practices. We have increased the number of sanitising antibacterial dispensers around the public areas of our hotels and all team and guests are encouraged to sanitise their hands.

Infections and contagious diseases

If you or anyone in your party has, or has recently had, a contagious illness we have the right to:

  • refuse your booking;
  • cancel your holiday; and/or
    ask the affected person to stay in their room or leave immediately if we think it’s necessary to protect public health.

You agree to inform us immediately should any condition develop in a member of your party within four weeks of your holiday start date, or during it.

What is Warner’s approach to Norovirus

We have very detailed Norovirus procedures which have been developed using the very best advice from medical experts. We have high standards of routine cleaning and sanitising and an enhanced environmental sanitising programme if cases of illness occur. We train every one of our Team Members to recognise signs of illness and how to react. If cases of illness occur, we also work closely with the UK Health Security Agency.

Please read our guide to Norovirus for more information.

Damage control

We like to keep things super-slick, so if you notice any damage in our hotels or villages, please tell us straightaway so we can arrange for repairs. We’ll look over your room or chalet at the end of your holiday and may charge you for any loss or damage. We also have the right to enter your room or chalet without notice when reasonable.

Good behaviour

We want all our guests to have a happy and safe holiday. Therefore we have the right to bring your holiday to an end without compensation if we think (at our complete discretion) your behaviour or the behaviour of anyone in your group might affect the enjoyment or safety of others. Guests may not bring to, or use at any Warner location, any firearm, fireworks, illegal substances, offensive weapons, hazardous chemicals or any similar item.


If you, or a member of your party, causes damage to one of our hotels or villages or to another guest, we have the right to recover from you the costs of repairing such damage or replacing damaged property, or any compensation we pay, including any pay-out we make to another guest.

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