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Payments, gift vouchers, Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and Warner credit.

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Are deposits refundable

When booking your holiday, you are required to pay a non-refundable deposit at the time of booking, plus the Warner Holiday Protection if you have chosen to add this. If you need to cancel your break for any reason, this will result in a loss of the deposit paid. 

If you book within 12 weeks of your holiday you will need to pay the full holiday price including the deposit.

Using cash at hotels

We now operate on a cashless basis for your ease and convenience. You are welcome to set up a charge card on arrival with one of our friendly reception team to use through your stay, or preregister your card on our My Warner Stay system to keep track of your spending. You can do this from 28 days before the start of your holiday. 

When is my full balance due

We require the full balance for your break 12 weeks prior to your holiday start date.

You can pay online on our website here.

Failure to pay your final balance could result in your break being cancelled so if you require any help or assistance then please call our Customer Care team on 0330 100 3354.

What cards do you accept

We do accept MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Delta and Maestro cards.

Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express or Solo.

How is my payment processed

Lloyds Cardnet will securely process your credit/debit card payment on behalf of Warner Hotels.


For additional protection, we ask for the security code on your card. This unique three-digit number is physically printed onto your card, therefore you must have the card in your possession in order to use it. It is not embossed onto your card and is not shown on your card receipt or your statement. As a result, it is difficult for anyone other than the cardholder to make a purchase. As an additional security precaution to better protect against card fraud we require that you enter this code.

Vouchers and gift cards

Tesco Clubcard vouchers

If you are using Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for part of your holiday, you can only redeem £120 worth of Tesco Clubcard Boost tokens (£60 Clubcard Vouchers) and these can be redeemed on any booking over £250.

To do this you'll need to exchange your Clubcard vouchers for a Warner's e-voucher by calling Tesco Clubcard rewards on 0808 100 0707 or visiting the Tesco Clubcard website.

Once you have your email code from Tesco, please call our team on 0330 100 9774 to make a booking.

Please call at least 14 days before the break start date. All breaks are subject to availability, so please book as far in advance as possible. Please note Tesco Vouchers can only be used for payment towards breaks and cannot be used on site. Tesco Vouchers can only be applied to a booking if the vouchers are in your name, and you’re the lead name on the booking. If you need to cancel a break that has Tesco vouchers applied that these cannot be returned or refunded.

How can I buy gift cards

You can purchase digital gift cards on our website here. You may purchase vouchers in amounts of £10, £25, £50, and £100 denominations, or multiples thereof. 

These can be used for the following: 

  • Payment towards the cost of a Warner break at any of our hotels and resorts
  • Experience Breaks
  • Celebration Packs
  • Beauty Treatments
  • Room Upgrades
  • Spa Packages

Our digital gift cards are valid for 12 months from issue (terms and conditions apply). Gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Change cannot be given. Warner Leisure Hotels cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen gift cards once in the customer's possession and gift cards cannot be re-issued.

Warner digital gift cards are non-refundable.

Please note: If you ordered gift vouchers before the 29 February 2024, these will be paper vouchers sent in the post. These are valid for 12 months from the issue date and can be redeemed against a booking by calling our team on 0330 100 9974. You will then need to send in your vouchers for us to process to the below address:

Warner Leisure Hotels

Park Lane

Hemel Hempstead


Where to buy a gift card

We now offer digital gift cards via our website. They can be purchased here.

Can I send a physical card in the post

Currently you can only purchase a digital gift card. Your recipient will receive an email with their gift card details.

Can I use a voucher to book online

Unfortunately credit notes, gift vouchers, and Tesco vouchers cannot be used to book online. To use them on a new booking, please contact our team on 0330 100 9774 and they'll be happy to help you. 

Please note that Tesco vouchers cannot be used on an existing booking. If using gift vouchers on a booking, please book at least 14 days before the break start date.

The person I am buying a gift card for doesn't have an email address

If your intended recipient doesn't have an email address to receive their gift card, you can use your own email address to send the card details to yourself and then print out the details and share with your intended recipient.

I haven't received my digital gift card

If you or your recipient hasn’t received their digital gift email, there are two likely reasons:

  • It’s gone to the spam folder (ask them to check!)
  • The email address may have been mistyped

If you believe you have mistyped the email address, please contact us for support.

How can I use my digital gift card

Booking Over the Phone:

When making a reservation over the phone, simply quote the 19 digit unique code of your gift card during the booking process. 

The requested value will be redeemed at the time of booking, and the adjusted balance will be reflected in your upcoming stay.

On-Site Purchases at our Hotels:

Feel free to use your digital gift card at any of our hotels for the purchase of food, drinks, or on-site activities.

If you're dining for lunch or enjoying amenities at the hotel, inform our front-of-house staff about your gift card. They will redeem its value against your food/drink bill or apply it to your room charge ready for check out.

Do I need to register my digital gift card

It's advisable to register your digital gift card, so that you can easily access it in future and check the balance yourself.

Go here to register your card.

What happens if I add the full card amount to my room but don't use it

Once the value of the card is redeemed against your room, any remaining balance becomes non-refundable. We strongly recommend confirming your intentions before applying a gift card balance to your room, as any unused amount will be forfeited. It's advised to ensure that you fully utilise the card value to maximise its benefits.

Checking your gift card balance

Once you've registered your card as per the above process, you will be able to check the balance at any time by going to this link.

Expired gift card

Our digital gift cards have a 12 month expiration from the date of purchase. Please ensure you use the value of your card before expiration as unfortunately we are unable to extend the expiration.

Vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash. Change cannot be given. Warner’s cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen vouchers once in the customer's possession and Vouchers cannot be re-issued.

Lost voucher

Warner Hotels cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen vouchers once in the customer's possession. Vouchers cannot be re-issued or refunded. 


What can I spend credit on

Your Warner Holiday Credit can be used to pay for a new booking, or to pay the balance of an existing booking you have.

If the cost of the new break is less than your Warner Holiday Credit balance, any remaining credit will be kept in your account for future bookings.

If your Warner Holiday Credit is less than the full amount of the break, the credit will be used in full as part payment of the break. You will then have the option of paying for the balance of the break in full in one single payment, or with the final balance due 12 weeks prior to your arrival date.

Please note that if you’re booking online, you won’t be able to use your Warner Holiday Credit to pay the balance on an existing booking. It’s only available for new bookings. If you’d like to use your credit to pay the balance on an existing booking, please contact our contact centre on 0330 100 9774.

Refund my credit

As per our Holiday Protection Plan, Warner Holiday Credit is placed on hold for up to 12 months to be used against a holiday booking. This balance is non-refundable.

In the event where you are unable to travel for the foreseeable future and therefore unable to use your credit on a new holiday, we are able to look into a refund so long as a Doctor's letter which states you are unable to travel for the foreseeable future is provided.

Please call our friendly Customer Care team on 0330 100 3354 if you have any further queries regarding your Warner Holiday Credit. 

Will my credit expire

Yes, your Warner Holiday Credit will expire 12 months after being issued. If you wish to use your credit on a new booking or to pay the balance of an existing break you have, please call our lovely Customer Care team on 0330 100 3354 and they will be more than happy to help you.

Still not found your answer? Try chatting with our team live by clicking the speech bubble in the lower right of your screen. Or, call our Customer Care team on 0330 100 3354 from Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

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